About Us

Homeland Tea Garden

Right Tea embodies Simplicity, Health and the philosophy of Life Preservation.

Drinking different types of tea according to one own physical conditions, the seasonal changes and regional differences, the various characteristics and nature of tea would bring health and peace to your body whilst achieving health preservation and pre-disease treatment. Enjoying the simple pleasure of tea brewing would change your state of mind, relieve you from the pressure and agony of work, and ultimately fulfill the purpose of life preservation.。

Origin of the name


is the place where tea originates. Different homelands of tea have different traditional customs as well as its own historical transformation. Hence, tea from its homeland is the tea most tasteful. We strive to find the homeland of each type of tea and bring you the most authentic tastes.

Tea Garden:

Each type of tea belongs to a place. You will find your most favorite tea in the Homeland Tea Garden. Inside a tranquil teahouse in the midst of a restless town, you can feel the peace of tea and share one insights on life and the pleasure that brought by tea.


Service Area: 

1/ Tea-Art, Tea-Evaluation & Tea Therapy Consultant

2/ Tea Appreciation Class & Education (Online & Offline), conduct in Cantonese, English & Mandarin for teaching

3/ Tea Pairing

4/ Tea Event Planning  & Tea Art Performance

5/ Tea-Culture Tourism

6/ Tea Accreditation Service (Professional services to distinguish different tea grading and quality)

7/ Certified Training & Examination Course for the China-National Tea-Appraiser & Tea-Artist

8/ Design & Tailor-made tea gift  for personal and corporate clients

9/ Seasonal & Wedding gift sets

10/ Retails & Wholesales