Tea master May's Story

Homeland Tea Garden is a professional Tea Culture Education, Tea-Art, Tea-Appraise, Tea Therapy and Health Preservation platform in Hong Kong. Tea master May Chan, born in Hong Kong and she is the founder of Homeland Tea Garden, Tea Therapist and promote east and west tea culture education and activities. She graduated from the School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University majoring in Tea Therapy & Nutritional Study for Health Preservation. She is also certified China National Tea-Appraiser (Senior Technician/First Level) and China National Tea-Artist Technician/Second Level). May has paid several visits to the planting and production of six major tea types in China as well as overseas countries. She has been invited to give numerous talks and classes in school, university, business or non-profit organization. She can conduct in Cantonese, Mandarin and English on the introduction of tea tasting and its application on health preservation and improvement of physical conditions. 

Scope of Services:

* Tea Culture & Tea Therapy Education

* Customized Design for Children to Adult, by individual/Group/School/Company. 

   Event Planning (Tea Art Performance/Tea-Tasting) & Tea-Appraise Services

* Retail & Wholesales, design & Gift Customization

* Tea Culture Tour

* Certified Training Course for the China-National Tea-Appraiser & Tea-Artist

* Tea master conducted in Cantonese, English & Mandarin

  • 我的入行故事

    (May join Tea-industry story / Cantonese video)

  • 和你分享一些難關

    (Share the difficulties of Tea-Industry / Cantonese video)

  • 堅持下就會有曙光

    (Dawn from her Persistence / Cantonese video)

  • 我對茶全方位的新理念

    (My new concept about Tea / Cantonese video)