Our Tea master

Teamaster May Chan

* Founder of Homeland Tea Garden

* Tea Therapist

* Certified China National Tea-Appraiser (Senior Technician/First Level) 

* Certified China National Tea-Artist (Technician/Second Level)

* Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University (School of Chinese Medicine) :

   - Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies for Health Preservation

   - Chinese Medicine Tea Studies for Health Preservation

* Chief Product & Training Lecture of China National Traditional Heritage Fuzhou Jasmine Tea

* Officer of Shenzhen Tea Industry Association Liaison Office  in Hong Kong

* Director of Shenzhen International Tea Art Association

* Lecture of  Tea Science Society of Hong Kong

* Hong Kong & Kowloon Tea Industry Association Member

TemasterMay was born in Hong Kong.  She is the Principal Instructor and Tea Master of Homeland Tea Garden and is dedicated to promote East and West tea culture education and activities.  She graduated from the School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University majoring in Tea Therapy & Nutritional Study for Health Preservation. She has also registered in the Occupational Qualification Certificate, China National Senior Tea-Appraiser (First Level) and China National Tea-Artist (Second Level), the People’s Republic of China. TeamasterMay has paid several visits to production regions of six major tea types (i.e. green tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, black tea and dark tea) in China as well as overseas countries. She was appointed as the Officer of the Shenzhen Tea Industry Association Liaison Office in Hong Kong and Director of Shenzhen International Tea Art Association to perform the duties of tea culture promotion and education around the world.

TeamasterMay has previously overworked herself which left her with some health problems.  During the treatment process, she was so inspired by several senior physicians and tea instructors that she started to apply her knowledge of tea practically in daily life to help people who are suffering from different types of disease in order to improve their physical conditions through drinking tea.  TeamasterMay was appointed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to encourage Chinese tea culture.  She has been invited to give numerous talks and classes in schools, universities, businesses and non-profit organizations.  She can use Cantonese, Mandarin and English to introduce tea tasting and its application in health preservation and improvement of physical conditions. During casual chats with her friends, TeamasterMay talks about the importance of matching tea with one’s physical condition.

During casual chats with her friends, TeamasterMay talks about the importance of matching tea with one’s physical condition, and analyzes the effects of different types of tea on the human body. She also noticed that the tea brewing skills have different impacts on people of different age groups in respect of their physical strength and mental coordination, with significant achievements not only in concentration but also in one’s mindfulness and self-betterment.

TeamasterMay 陳笑薇(アドバイザー兼主要コース講師、お茶セラピスト、国家一級評茶技師、国家二級茶藝師技師、 香港浸会大学中医学院漢方茶療学、漢方飲食養生学、深セン市茶葉協会在香港事務所主任、深セン市国家茶藝協会理事、国家無形文化遺産福州ジャスミン茶香り付け工程ブランド連絡官および主席製品講師、香港九龍茶葉行商会会員)

香港出身の陳笑薇(TeamasterMay)氏は、かつて長い間の疲れから身体に異常が現れ、数々の後遺症が残ったことから、治療を受けていました。治療の過程で幸いにも多くの医師とベテランの茶導師に導かれ、相次いで香港浸会大学中医学院の漢方茶療学、漢方飲食養生学を修了し、更に本土まで赴いて研修を受け、中国人力資源・社会保障部の国家一級評茶技師および国家二級茶藝技師の資格を取得しました。 また、何度も国内外の様々な産地を訪ね、六大茶類(緑茶、白茶、黄茶、青茶、紅茶、黒茶)の栽培と生産を体験しています。そして、お茶に関する知識を日常生活に柔軟に応用することにより、様々な病気に悩み困っている人の体質改善をサポートしています。