How to brew a perfect cup of tea ?  (Short Course)

How to brew a perfect cup of tea ? (Short Course)

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      Course Intro:

      Have you ever drink tea in a tea shop, but after you bought it and brewed it, there was a big gap between your expectation?

      Do you suspect that the tea you bought was accidentally brewed too strong or less ? Also, you cannot find the real taste of tea?

      Making a delicious cup of tea is not easy, because the amount of water used, water temperature, the time of infusion, the usage of kettle and the mood of brewing is different, etc. 

      This class is designed aims to help tea lovers/professional tea students learn different styles of tea and brewing techniques through interactive learning and give them an informative experience. Our teamaster wishes to be a place where people can learn more about this great hobby.  It is through this give-and-take that the message of community lives on with home-brewing of a perfect cup of tea.

      Duration of Class: 2 hours 

      Tuition Fees: HKD880 per pax

      (**Minimum 2 person +up.  If 1 person attend the class, it will be counted as the fee for two person) 


      1/ Distinguish 6 different types of Chinese Tea 

      2/ Water knowledge and their uses 

      3/ Introduction to essential tea ware and their uses  (i.e. Glass, porcelain or clay /gaiwan or teapot, etc) 

      4/ Different type of Tea brewing skill 

      5/ Practice of Tea Brewing (Tea in ball shape, loose tea leave and tight tea leave)

      6/ How to Identify and taste your brewing cup of tea

      (** Welcome each participant bring a bottle of 300-500ml tap water and a bottle of 300-500ml water that pass through the home/office water filtration system.  We will help our participant to use scientific way to inspect and analyze your existing water quality for your tea brewing. )


      ** Above fee include demonstration, range of tea sample & teaware

      ** Welcome to  private or  small group from child to adult, tea & talk lecture from schools, companies & organizations activities. Tuition fees are discussed separately

      ** Tea master can conduct in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

      Welcome for enquiries ! 

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