Introductory of Tea Appreciation Workshop (Short Course)

Introductory of Tea Appreciation Workshop (Short Course)

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Course Intro: 

Glad to know that many people likes to drink tea. But we also noticed a lot of people have common misconceptions about Tea. Why do you feel dizzy, stomachache, insomnia, heartbeat, hand shake after drinking tea…Is it the quality of the tea problem, whether you drink the wrong tea, or your body itself?

TeamasterMay would like to share her professional knowledge and experience to enlighten you in ways to explore lots of fun and easy with different teas.

Activity Contents: 
  1. 1/ Distinguish 6 different types of Chinese Tea 
  2. 2/ Tea Production & Processing 
  3. 3/ Introduction to essential tea ware and their uses 
  4. 4/ Tea brewing skill and practice 
  5. 5/ How to identify the quality of tea and clarify the true taste of tea.  
  6. 6/ TeamasterMay comprehensive analysis your  physical conditions and select right tea for you

Duration of Class: 2 hours 

Tuition Fees: HKD780 per pax (**Minimum 2 person +up.  

If 1 person attend the class, it will be counted as the fee for two person) 


Above fee include demonstration, range of tea sample & teaware

** Welcome to  private or  small group from child to adult, tea & talk lecture from schools, companies & organizations activities.

** ** This course also has one-to-one or self-organized small classes (minimum 2 students or up).  ( **Tuition fees are discussed separately)

** Tea master can conduct in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Enjoying the simple pleasure of tea brewing would change your state of mind, relieve you from the pressure and agony of work, and ultimately fulfill the purpose of life preservation. 

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