How to brew a perfect cup of tea ?  (Short Course)

How to brew a perfect cup of tea ? (Short Course)

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      Course Intro:

      Why do tea shops buy/test tea, but after buying it home, the taste will be very different after brewing it yourself?

      Do you doubt the quality of tea leaves, the quality of water, the choice of tea sets, or you don't know how to brew...?

      In this course, through interactive learning, on-site real-time testing and analysis of water quality, demonstration and comparison of water selection for brewing tea, you can find the answer to the past tea brewing myths by yourself. Let everyone learn together, brew your own unique style and experience how to brew a good pot of tea.

      Duration of Class: 2 hours 

      Fee: HK$1000/person per person (minimum 2 person, if 1 person or more than 9 person, the fee will be negotiable)


      Tea room equipment:

      1/ Advanced interactive TV + computer ppt + video teaching

      2/ The standard tea samples of each classification of Chinese tea are prepared in each lesson

      3/ Hong Kong's first "tea, coffee and the world's highest certified NSF58 water purification system equipment"

      4/ In order to improve the quality of students' tea and drinking water, each student is welcome to bring their own water/passing system drinking water to the tea room for testing and distribution of popular science analysis equipment.

      5/ The tea room is fully equipped with specimens of various categories of Chinese tea


      ** Tutors can teach in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, please call for details!

      **Individual or self-organized private/school/corporate/group and individual bespoke courses and activities are welcome. Lecture/banquet/meeting/refreshment pairings and personalized courses and activities are also available. You are welcome to consult by email or WhatsApp 

      **Cancellation Policy: If the Black Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal No. 8 is in effect, students can make an appointment for another class within six months.

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