Set of 6 Assorted Premium Tea Set

Set of 6 Assorted Premium Tea Set

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Six different premium high quality of teas are ready.  Share with your beloved and enjoy !

China National Certified First Level (Senior) Tea-Appraiser & Tea Therapy Team Select High Quality Premium Tea 

✅100% Real Tea Leave 

Each gift box includes 6 different premium high quality tea: 

    1/ Traditional Jasmine tea (Flower Scented Tea) +

    2/ Ancient old tea tree Shoumei (White Tea) + 

    3/ Premium Teguanyin (Oolong Tea) +

    4/ Supreme Wuyi Rock Tea (Oolong Tea) + 

    5/ Yunnan Ancient Pu'er Black Tea (Black Tea) + 

    6/ Yunnan Ancient Pu'er Tea Tree (Dark Tea)

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