Set of 7 Assorted Traditional Handicraft Premium Early Spring Green Tea

Set of 7 Assorted Traditional Handicraft Premium Early Spring Green Tea

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China top grade traditional famous green tea do not afraid of high prices,  but afraid to buy not the True !

Sunshine, green leaves, flowers, from the body and heart are aware of the arrival of spring. It really close to the spring and started the beautiful life of this season. This year, TeamasterMay will only select premium grading early spring green Tea for your tasting and appreciation ! it's good for local and overseastea lovers 's tasting and learning. Due to the limited stock and difficult to collect in the market.

Our certified China National Tea-Appraiser & Tea Therapist team carefully selected China Top Premium Green Tea for local and overseastea lovers 's tasting and learning. Due to the limited stock and difficult to collect in the market.

China National Certified First Level (Senior) Tea-Appraiser & Tea Therapy Team Select High Quality Premium Tea 

✅100% Real Tea Leave 

Seven famous premium Chinese green tea gift set include (total 56g): 

1/ China No. 1 early spring tips Longjin (Dragon Well) Tea + 

2/ Early spring tips of Biluochun + 

3/ Taiping Houkui 

4/ Lu'an guapian 

5/ Golden Buds Tea 

6/ The No. 1 Tang Dynasty's Tribute tea ~ Gu Zhu Zisun 

7/ Anji Baicha Tea

After tasting it, everyone clearly understands thatthe premium green tea will not make you chill, but will warm your body!

1/ Premium early spring tips "Longjin (Dragon Well) Tea"

Pick early spring tips 50,000 tea buds to make 500g of Longjin Green Tea. Longjing was flat and smooth, with a tender green color and a rich fragrance. The aroma of chestnut, bean and orchid reverberates between the mouth and teeth of the tea soup. The taste is fresh and mellow. The tea soup is clear and bright. After eight times of infusion, the fragrance is still full and sweet. It flows slowly and calmly in the body with the breath, the pores are relaxed, and the spirit is refreshed and full of happiness.

2/ “Biluochun” from the top of Dongting Mountain in Taihu Lake

One of the top ten famous teas in China, has a history of more than 1,000 years. This tea shaped like a bronze wire and shaped like a snail. It is also produced in Biluofeng, so it is called Biluochun!" . The shape is curled into a snail, silvery white and green, covered with pekoe; the fragrance is elegant, fresh and mellow, and the aftertaste is long. Local tea farmers described Biluochun as: "Copper wire strips, spiral-shaped, hairy, floral and fruity, fresh and refreshing."

3/ The King of Green tea ~ “Taiping Houkui”

Taiping Houkui is Top Ten Famous Teas in the World, "The King of Green Tea" was created in 1900 and produced by the scenic Huangshan Taiping Lake. Taiping Hukui has two leaves holding buds, flat and straight, naturally stretched, and white hairs are hidden. It has the reputation of "Hukui has two pointed ends, neither scattered nor warped nor curled". The color of the leaves is palegreen and even, the veins of the leaves are green with a hint of red, commonly known as "red silk thread". The orchid fragrant is high and refreshing, the taste is mellowand sweet, the soup is clear and green, and the taste is fragrant, mellow and refreshing, with endless aftertaste. The bottom of the leaf is tender and green, and the buds and leaves become plump and strong.

4/ The Legendary Magic ~ “Liuan leaf or Lu'an guapian”

Lu'an Guapian is a special type of green tea. Among all teas, Lu'an Guapian is the only tea without buds and stems, made from a single leaf. Desprouting not only maintains a monolithic shape, but also has no grassy taste; the stem has been lignified during the production process, and after it is removed, it can ensure that the tea has a strong flavor and not bitter, fragrant but not astringent. Lu'an melon slices look like melon seeds, have emerald green color, high fragrance, delicious taste, and resistance to brewing.

5/ Premium grade of Golden Buds Tea

Golden Bud is green tea! Golden Bud is a new yellow light-sensitive albino variety. The whole body is golden under the sun, but the leaves are green under the shade. Golden buds are not only good-looking, but also have a very unique and delicious taste. This deliciousness is inseparable from the amino acids in tea. Four characteristics of golden buds: fresh golden leaves, bright yellow dry tea, bright yellow soup, and pure yellow leaves.

6/ Premium grade of “The No. 1 Tang Dynasty’s Tribute tea ~ Gu Zhu Zisun”

During Tang Dynasty, it was regarded as "The best tea in tea" by the tea saint Lu Yu. Quality characteristics: The best purple bamboo shoots tea leaves each other like bamboo shoots; the finest tea buds are quite tender and the leaves are slightly longer, resembling orchids. The finished product has emerald green color, distinct silver, sweet and mellow taste; the tea soup is clear and bright, the taste is fresh, sweet and fragrant, and there is an elegant feeling that permeates the heart and lungs.

7/ Premium grade of “Anji Baicha ”Tea

Although Anji white tea is called white tea, it belongs to the green tea category and the tree species are different. Anji white tea, flat, smooth, straight, sharp, light green showing jade color, blended thoroughly, sessile, pristine, yellow; the color of the tea soup needs to be light green and bright, the fragrance is tender and long-lasting, fresh and mellow, and the leaves are white in the tea soup. Veins are green, one bud and one leaf are beginning, and the bud is longer than the leaf.

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