Premium Early Spring Green Tea ~「Lu'an guapian」10g/pack

Premium Early Spring Green Tea ~「Lu'an guapian」10g/pack

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China top grade traditional famous green tea do not afraid of high prices,  but afraid to buy not the True !

Sunshine, green leaves, flowers, from the body and heart are aware of the arrival of spring. It really close to the spring and started the beautiful life of this season. This year, TeamasterMay will only select premium grading early spring green Tea for your tasting and appreciation ! it's good for local and overseastea lovers 's tasting and learning. Due to the limited stock and difficult to collect in the market.

China National Certified First Level (Senior) Tea-Appraiser & Tea Therapy Team Select High Quality Premium Tea 

✅100% Real Tea Leave 

✅   The Legendary Magic ~ “Liuan leaf or Lu'an guapian”

Lu'an Guapian is a special type of green tea. Among all teas, Lu'an Guapian is the only tea without buds and stems, made from a single leaf. Desprouting not only maintains a monolithic shape, but also has no grassy taste; the stem has been lignified during the production process, and after it is removed, it can ensure that the tea has a strong flavor and not bitter, fragrant but not astringent. Lu'an melon slices look like melon seeds, have emerald green color, high fragrance, delicious taste, and resistance to brewing.

After tasting it, everyone clearly understands thatthe premium green tea will not make you chill, but will warm your body!

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